ESCHEL Closer and Extracurricular/Field Trip Coordinator Needed

Hi, ESCHEL families.

We have two needs for the coming school year.

We are looking for a family that would be willing to close up the building on Monday afternoons after ESCHEL classes.  It typically takes about an hour each Monday afternoon to clear everyone out (including the cleaning crew), take care of last minute duties, and lock up the lower half of the building.

The other need is for an extracurricular activities/field trip coordinator, which could be done for one semester each by two different moms, or by one person for the entire year.  Much of the work involved takes place in August to set things up for the year, with some follow-up during the school year.

*One perk with both of these volunteer positions is that you are freed up from any weekly duties on the parent duty roster and from organizing individual field trips/extracurricular activities.

*These positions also may appeal to you if finding child care for younger children when you have commitments to help out at ESCHEL is an issue for your family.  (As a gentle reminder, it’s ESCHEL’s policy that younger children cannot accompany you when you help out in the classrooms or serve as an emergency mom.)

Please reply to let me know if you’re interested in either and would like more information.

Thanks for considering!

Laura Petry on behalf of the ESCHEL Board


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