ESCHEL Art: Pottery

***Before I begin, can you please let me know if you plan on being out of town March 23 or April 6?***

Update on the pottery etc.

The 1st & 2nd graders completed phase 1 of their pottery pieces day 1, which were allowed to dry, the 3rd & 4th graders finished the following week and we needed an extra week for the 5th & 6th graders to finish their pieces….which then had to dry.  I dropped the pieces off to Continental clay the Monday before last and they have just called to inform me that the pieces are ready to be picked up for glazing.  The nature of the pottery unit requires that I be flexible, since I am subject to the firing time line of Continental clay.  My plan was that when the pieces were ready to be glazed, I would put on hold whatever lesson we were on to glaze the pieces and then pick up where we left off the following week.  I have, however, had a number of families in and out for vacations etc….  If you are planning on being gone March 23rd or when we return April 6th…could you please let me know?  I will pick one of the two dates for glazing based the majority of students being there.  As a side note:  Once we glaze the pieces, I have to bring them back to Continental Clay for firing.  Also, if your student was absent for the clay build, they will most likely be glazing a terracotta tray.  If your student is gone for glazing, someone will have to glaze their piece for them.  If you have questions about any of this, please give me a jingle 651-344-4959


Last week:

1st & 2nd

Were working with Color, Line and Positive/Negative Space in a project called “The Shapes Our Hands Create”, using marker as the medium.  Many finished in class, some are close and some will need more time.  Since it is marker (which isn’t terribly messy), I will probably “pre-dot” the areas that they need to finish with the correct color so that they can finish at home (this will make more sense when you see the piece.



We worked with texture, line and color in a project called “Glue Fish”.  Students work on black paper and design a large fish of their imaginations.  We discussed texture, scales etc.  Students then “glued” all of their lines to make a type of “stain glass type” of frame for the color that they would put in later using chalk pastels.  We will be finishing these up soon.  With bonus pastel assignments for those finishing early.


5th & 6th

After doing the Ukranian Eggs with my volunteer mom’s group, I decided it would be a bit too advanced for this year’s 5th/6th graders (I may offer it another year to the older students…we will see).  What we did end up doing is a nod to the technique and also to Batiking.  We are doing a “Faux Batik”, using washable glue to cover the areas we want to remain white and using acrylic paint to lay in the color.  The students are doing this on a 100% cotton cloth napkin (polyester doesn’t hold the paint through washing) which they can either use as a napkin or hang as an art piece.  We are still in process and should be finishing these up soon, with a bonus project using oils/chalks for those finishing early.


I hope this helps to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to.


Jen Logan

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