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Writing 5-6 Notes

Hello! I hope you are staying warm this week! This Monday, we are going to be working on our introductions and conclusions for our Letters about Literature submissions. Please make sure your student brings their rough draft of their reasons

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Writing 3-4 Notes–Please read before Monday

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a nice week off! I received our book kit in the mail, so this week, in class, we will be working on recopying our craft/recipe instructions and pictures onto the official book paper.

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Elementary Writing Tips from a Veteran Teacher (Note from Mrs. Knefelkamp : )

Thank you to Mrs. Knefelkamp, for taking the time to put this together for us! I hope you are encouraged by her note! Erin Hello to the wonderful parents of ESCHEL that do such a excellent job with their children!

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A note from Mr. Cournoyer to parents of Chemistry students

For parents of Chemistry students.  One of my goals for the students is not that they memorize the periodic table, but that they learn how to use it.  So for Mod #3 test and beyond the students may use the

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ESCHEL Art Update: 10/19/15

I love this autumn weather!  So hard to buckle down when there are leaves to play in! Here is what we’ve been up to: 1st & 2nd Graders: Review of  7 Elements of Art, with focus on line and color

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Elementary Writing Notes

Hello Families! I hope you are enjoying the pretty leaves outside and nice weather! You will notice, all of your students brought home the rough drafts they were working on. In class, we did some peer editing, and I walked

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ESCHEL Art Update: 10/21/15

Hi Gang!  What gorgeous God art we’ve been experiencing all around us with these beautiful fall colors.  Did you realize that God uses complimentary colors to really make the fall colors pop?  It is true!  The warm oranges are directly

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3-4 Writing Note : )

Hi Families! Just a note if you have a student in the 3-4 Writing Class: I may be varying a bit from the syllabus in the next couple of weeks. I have ordered book kits, but I will shift plans

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Elementary Writing 10-12 Update

Hello Families, I am more on top of your update this week. We had a pleasant day in class. I am enjoying Mondays! I hope you all are, as well. 3-4 Writing: We are working on our Holiday Recipe and

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Elementary Writing 3-6 Update

Hello Families! Thanks to Ms. Logan, whose timely post reminded me I had completely forgotten to post an update this week! So sorry! A quick note: To those of you in the 5-6 class who feel panicked, we are NOT

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