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Registration Opens Monday

The ESCHEL website is now ready to view with 2016-2017 school year details. Registration will open for current families on Monday April 4, 2016.

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Elementary Writing 3-6 Story Project

Hello Families! We are getting underway with our short story writing! At this point, your students should have filled out their plot chart, detailing what will happen in their story. They should also have filled out their character profile sheet

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Art Update: 3/21/16

Wow!  Lot’s of sick kiddos (or those on trips).  Praying everyone feels better quickly and that this influenza thing going around is DONE!  If they missed, here is what we did…no need to do a make-up.  For the rest…here’s a

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Art Update: 3/7 & 3/14

Greetings, Here is a brief recap of what we’ve been up to.  I have been changing up the schedule a bit to adjust for pottery and class interest.  Thank you for your patience.  I love working with your kiddos! 3/7/16

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Tests forms and test booklets due back Monday!

Just a friendly reminder  if you ordered CAT/Terra Nova standardized tests, to return your test materials this Monday, 3/21/16, I will be collecting the testing materials for Teri Glirbas in a box labeled and located near the parent file folders.

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No-Shows for Morning Duties and Cleaning

Hello ESCHEL families, Since ESCHEL is a co-op, we all need to work together to make it run smoothly. Please make sure you are aware of the dates you have been assigned to help in the classroom and the dates

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Elementary Writing Grades 3-6

Hello! I hope your families are all enjoying a relaxing spring, now that the research papers are squared away for another year! My goal is to have them returned to students, with grade updates (5-6), by April 4. However, it

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Supplies Prize!

This time of year….things have gone missing, glue sticks are dried up….your child “thinks” they may have seen their scissors somewhere under their bed, but they aren’t certain. In an effort to lend a helping hand….I told the students that

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Magazines/Catalogs Needed for Art Class

I am looking for old Magazines and Catalogs to use in class on Monday (we will be cutting them up).  If you have some that you are willing to donate, please shoot me an e-mail with how many.  ALSO, if

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Clarification on Chemistry textbook for 2016-17 school year

I’ve done my research and found that the 3rd edition of Apologia Chemistry has a second printing that addresses the errors and it has been out a while now.  So I am going to move forward with using the 3rd

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