Secondary Writing Updates

Hi Everyone,

Here is today’s update.

World History – Today  Caleb and Evangelyn read their papers to the class.  Excellent job using the sensing words and dialogue.  Students edited each others papers and played a game creating alliterations.  The lesson was about creating a story by borrowing a conflict.  In this lesson, students use a fable, myth or fairy tale and change the conflict.  Often the elements of the setting are also changed to create a new story.  The checklist for the homework assignment is on page 71.

US History – Mikaela and Michael read their summarized essays to the class today.  Great job!  During the class we edited papers, worked with incorporating transition words and spent more time summarizing from larger source texts.  We were able to analyze and create our key word outline for the first paragraph in five minutes. After that, students were given ten minutes to create two more outlines for the homework essay.   These timings will help them when they plan, prepare and write when they take the timed ACT essay.  Finally, we played a vocabulary game to review for the vocabulary quiz next week.

Just a reminder, the students should start reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin this week.  The writing assignment is to write the three paragraph essay using the checklist for this lesson.

Enjoy your week!

Mrs. Fryc✏

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