Mrs. Fryc Writing Updates

Greetings Everyone!
Today we had so much fun in writing class.  Our warm-up writing exercise was to write as quickly as possible with a creative story line for 4 minutes. Believe me, there are some very creative minds out there!   Thanks to everyone who was brave enough to share their very original and exciting stories with their classmates.
Medieval History – We discussed the literature book, 1001 Arabian Nights.  Sinbad the Sailor, Ali Baba and the forty thieves and Aladdin are all characters and stories introduced in this collection of Middle Eastern tales.  Even if your student doesn’t make it though all 1001 tales, knowing just a few of the stories will enrich their love of literature.
Today’s lesson was Ali and the Sultan’s Saddle.  Lesson 10 also introduced the use of alliterations.    The assignment is to complete the three paragraph essay using the checklist on page 63.
World History – In today’s lesson we continue to write from a lengthier source text and then summarize it.  Our historical topic was Thomas Paine’s pamphlet called,  Common Sense.  The summarizing process sharpens critical thinking as the students need to analyze and prioritize the most important and interesting information into the summary.  The assignment is to complete a one paragraph essay using the checklist on page 86.
Advanced US History – Our topic today covered the California Gold Rush using Unit 5, Writing from Pictures. Several literary devices were introduced in this lesson.  This unit is more of a creative writing assignment using only a few structures for the student to follow.  We also discussed Uncle Tom’s Cabin and covered six techniques to use when reading literature.
Each week, the students need to turn in a worksheet discussing elements from this novel.  Next week there will be an in-class bonus for students who have completed the literary portion of the assignment.  Let me know if anyone is allergic to chocolate.
The checklist for this three paragraph essay is on page 83, and continue reading up to chapter 10 inUncle Tom’s Cabin, and complete the worksheet for these chapters on page 234 of the IEW workbook.
Enjoy your week!
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