PARENT-TUTOR CONFERENCES Monday, November 26th, 2018

The above link is the Conference Schedule.  Please note important information:

  • Bring a copy of the schedule with you. It will help you to highlight your times and name.
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your first conference.
  • If you switch times with another family, please let Nikki Johnson know so she can inform the tutors, as they often have their papers set up in order of the schedule.
  • Have important questions you wish to ask written down or ready to ask after the tutor finishes his or her comments. You may want notepaper to write comments from the tutor.

These conferences are for your child’s tutors to communicate with you regarding your child’s progress in their class.  The tutor may focus on area of strength as well as area needing improvement in relation to course of study, character development or behavior.  This will help you in your own assessment of your child, as his/her primary teacher.

As you may imagine, scheduling conferences is an enormous task.  We have allotted 7 minutes per conference.  Families with multiple students per tutor (3+) have been given back-to-back time slots.  These time allotments should be adequate for most, but if you feel you have more to discuss than time allows, please ask the tutor if you may call him or her to complete your communication.  Please do not continue past the allotted time. We will use a bell to indicate the start/end of each conference time.  You should go immediately to your next conference when the signal sounds.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience you may have with the schedule.   We have over 50 families and 10 tutors to juggle, wiggle, stretch and somehow fit in. Some of  you will have a brief “rest period”  but most will go through 3,4, or even 7 tutors in a row and be on your way.

We thank you in advance for you cooperation and punctuality!  God bless you, our children, our tutors, and these conference times.  (As this conference time is our last meeting with our tutors until January, you may want to take this opportunity to bless them with an early Thanksgiving or Christmas card, treat, or gift.)

Please call/email if any questions,

Nikki Johnson, Conference Scheduler 651-271-1036

Monica Schlemmer, Elementary Director       701-367-2878

Joy Peabody, Secondary Director           651-653-5826


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