Pinata Help: 1st & 2nd grade Spanish Class

Any experienced/brave Pinata-ers (just made up a word), out there, that would like to try their hand at helping me do a pinata for the 1st & 2nd grade Spanish class this Monday: 1:30-2:30?

The pinata is ready and filled with non-candy treats, but…I think I could use some help with the execution to avoid injuries and also to avoid creating a “funniest home video” moment.

The deets:  We are doing a fun, food, games and pinata day which will include a pinata, fruits (grapes, apples, oranges etc), and low key crafts and games, this monday.  Should be fun, but would love some help with the pinata etc.

If interested in helping out, please text/ call me at 651-344-4959.

Warm Regards,

Jen Logan

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