1st & 2nd Grade Spanish: TOMORROW

Hola!  Rapido…tomorrow is our Christmas/Fiesta!!! Super excited.  We will be having a pinata, games and a little bit of food: uvas, manzanas, naranjas, y…???? Also maybe some chips.  (grapes, apples, oranges, and…???).

I will try to remember to have them do this too, but could you PLEASE remind your kiddo to wash his/her hands before coming to class since we will be having a little snack.  ALSO, I absolutely could not, it goes against my conscience, fill the pinata with candy (especially with all the crud going around), so it is filled with small toys. 🙂

Feliz Navidad!

Senora Jennifer Logan

Spanglish 101 Art Tutor 😉

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