5/6 Writing Update from Mrs. Fryc

Hi Everyone,

Today we spent class time discussing tools we will need for research papers like using primary and secondary sources, citing sources and formatting. I spent time familiarizing them with some of the resources available at local libraries that are hosting the National History Day and highly recommended that the students attend one of the Hallabaloo Events.

Durning the class time there were several questions concerning our lesson and a couple of issues became clear to me.  First of all, I was counting on one more class time with the students before the break!  Secondly, after introducing the research paper process and tools, I realized that it would be beneficial to move forward at a different pace.  Hence, I am adjusting the homework assignment for the Medieval history class as follows:

1). Visit the website http://education.mnhs.org/historyday/research.  Click on the research drop down bar.  Then click on the videos box.  Each student needs to watch the video on primary and secondary sources and the video on using Interlibrary Loans or ILL.

2). On the same site click on the research drop down bar and click on Hullabaloo.  There are several of the events in December and January.  I would highly recommend having your student attend one of these events but it is not mandatory.  This will give them an overall view of how to create exceptional research papers in the future and give them the “bigger picture” as well as very practical tools for research.

3). Finally, over the break, students should make sure their binders are neatly organized with a picture for every essay on the left side and the essay on the right side so it looks like a book.  There shouldn’t be any papers stuffed in the side pockets etc.  Any papers recently returned that still need polishing should be corrected with white out or reprinted with corrections.

4) Have a Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your cooperation this semester and we will resume our process in January!

Thank you,

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