Art Update: What’s happening 12/2/18

Greetings Parents,

This update is actually coming to you BEFORE class tomorrow to let you know what you can be expecting.  I regret not getting to meet with those of you scheduled for conferences.  Also, please forgive me not giving you an update from last time. The flu hit our house, first with my husband (7 days to recover), then with our youngest (11 days…and if he makes it through the night fever free, he will finally have been fever free for 24 hours) and our 3rd born, who is in the thick of it day 5 with 103 (no fun).  The rest of us have been taking every precaution (both supplemental and hygienic etc) to keep our immune systems up to snuff.  Your prayers are appreciated.  All that to say, I will email report cards to everyone over the break, and you may feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss anything or even if you just want to hear me brag on your kiddos. 😉


In a nutshell, tomorrow is BONUS day , which is a time for those still finishing up projects to get those done and for some extra fun, optional stuff.  Most are ready for the bonus projects, but some in the older grades (3rd-6th) are still working on their scratch art pieces.  But because it is our last day of class before the Christmas break, our bonus day is more of an “artsy type” craft day which will allow for students to bring home one hand made “gift” item, plus a handmade card and possibly some hand made wrapping paper (ambitious, so we shall see).  Please, be sure they bring their items, home because if they forget them at ESCHEL, they will be there until after the break and there could be tears involved. 

Also, please NO PEAKING!  We will send items home in a brown lunch sack (possibly decorated, but definitely labeled), and the gift may or may not be for you (your child will decide).

If I don’t get a chance to see you tomorrow and tell you myself, “Merry Christmas”.  I love working with all of your kiddos!


Jen Logan

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