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In today’s lesson I introduced tools for research papers.  We spent time discussing the differences between using primary and secondary sources, where to find credible data bases and websites, and how to format sources sited.  Due to technical difficulties with the computers we were not able to view certain YouTube videos or conduct  hands on practice as planned.  However knowing how to cite sources and setting up the formatting for the document before starting the research paper will make the process much smoother and is just as important to understand as the actual writing process of itself.
Homework for the classes is as follows:
1)   Watch the videos below and set up their computers with the proper formatting tools.   In class I handed out a sample of Bibliography Citations in MLA format. Each student needs to input five of them into their sources cited on either Microsoft Word or Google and create a works cited page. They will know how to do this after watching the videos.  (The students only need to watch the videos that apply to their system.  For example, if they use Microsoft Word, they do not need to watch the Works Cited in Google Docs video.)
2) Access the MN History website  On the horizontal bar click on the drop down “Get Started” and then “Student.”  Become familiar with the information in the boxed categories
3)  On the same website click on “Curriculum” and “Student Research Guide.”  This is the third blue resource listed.  Print out this packet for class.
4)  On the same website click on the “Project Help” and then “Extra Help.”   Click on Hullabaloo Research Open House to see the dates and locations of the Hullabaloo.  I highly recommend attending one of these open houses for every student.  The mini lessons and one-on -one power meetings will help your student get bigger picture of the research process and numerous practical ideas and information for writing papers.  Realizing that there are busy schedules this is not a requirement.  The open houses are through-out the metro area in December and January.  If your student is interested in competing in the National History Project, please let me know.
5)  Each student needs to select a subject and for their research paper and bring it to class next week.
6)  Watch the video below on creating a Thesis statement.
 The links below illustrate how to add  citations and references in Microsoft Word, how to set up Microsoft Word for Works Cited, how to set up Works Cited in Google Docs,  MLA In-Text Citations

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