Mrs. Fryc Secondary Writing Updates

Hello Everyone,
Here are this week’s updates.
World History – In our class I taught the methodology for planning an outline for longer written works and research papers. This planning strategy is a fantastic tool for not only lengthy papers, but also standardized testing.  The printable file is on Moodle.
I also reviewed the format and sources sited rules for MLA.  There are still a few minor glitches in the formatting on some of the papers I have corrected that need to be ironed out.  Here is a link to Purdue OWL (this is the go to for formatting and writing questions I shared in class).
Mastering the formatting for Works Cited is imperative.  Using tools with the Microsoft Word software not only makes it simple, but Microsoft Word is usually the required software for most college and university requirements.  I will bring my computer to class again next week so students can see what I am doing on the computer.  However, having them spend time on it this week and printing off a Works Cited page will be very beneficial.
Homework – 1)print out the Works Cited page with sources found over break  2)write out the essay on Lesson 14 using the checklist on page 113.  3)Polish and/or finish the Robert Fulton essay if needed.
Advanced US History – Great job on the outlines over the break.  The assignment is to 1) turn the outlines into paragraphs making sure each paragraph has a topic sentence and clincher.  (Next week I will discuss the introduction and last two paragraphs.)  2)Bring the typed paragraphs plus the Works Cited to class.  3) Print off the the rubric and grading codes posted on Moodle.  4) Prep for the vocabulary quiz next Monday.
Thank you,
Mrs. Fryc
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