Mrs. Fryc Writing Updates

Happy Valentines Everyone,
Here are the weekly updates.
Medieval History – The assignment is to complete the fused outline on Duties of Knights using the checklist on page 135.  Students need to complete the paragraph with vocabulary words and bring in a bibliography.  The bibliography information is listed near the top left of pages 128 130, 132.  On page 249 of the book, you will see a sample bibliography if needed.
One note…there are three sources in the text, but only two of them have information on duties of knights.  The extra source text is for the other topics for next week.  We outlined two sources in class so each student can create their fused outline from these two sources.  The template is on page 133 and 134.
World History – Today’s lesson was learning the structure for a well build 5 paragraph essay.  Each student needs to write a paragraph on communism in China using the checklist on page 147.  Then they take the other two essays on on communism (written previously) and combine them into a five paragraph essay by adding the intro and conclusion paragraph.
The intro and conclusion paragraph are added to this lesson and are not listed on the checklist.
US History – Each student needs to write their essay from Lesson 19 using the checklist on page 149.
Enjoy your week.
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