Secondary Writing Update

Narnia Update – Lesson 3 introduced the story sequence chart and the three parts of a story.  The assignment is to write a three paragraph story (using the outline we did in class) about Queen Jadis.  Use the checklist on page 28 and add a picture for the essay.
Read up to chapter 5 in The Magician’s Nephew by next week.

PSEO and Beyond – Great job on summaries!  Today’s lesson introduced the importance of understanding Greek and Latin roots to expand vocabulary skills (pg. 47-48) formatting guidelines (pg. 43), using invisible openers,  the ed opener and helpful rules for better writing (pg. 49.)  The assignment is to write a rough draft using the story sequence model to write an true personal essay of 1200 words or less on a dog, cat, dream or Christmas.  Additionally, bring three sources for next weeks lesson, which we discussed in class.

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