Friendly Reminder of Expectations

ESCHEL Families,

We have now had several weeks of classes and students have settled into routines.  Please take a minute to review with your children the expectations at ESCHEL.  The use of Hope Church is a great blessing and privilege and we want to show our greatest respect of this facility for His Glory.

  1. We have many classrooms that are used for ESCHEL classes.  There are also hallways, stairs and classrooms that are off limits to our students.  Please remind your children to go directly to their classes and remain where they are expected to be each class hour and between classes.
  2. The large Science/Lunch room is where meals are to be eaten during the lunch hour (unless eating during a class).  Please keep food to this area for ease of cleanup.
  3. Students in study hall are expected to remain in the study hall rooms for the duration of the hour.  There are two rooms for this purpose, chairs can be moved to the larger room for spreading out.
  4. Students not attending an afternoon class must be accompanied by an adult if they are waiting for an enrolled sibling.

Thanks friends for making ESCHEL a great community.

For His Glory,

Monica Schlemmer

ESCHEL President

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