Kindergarten Valentine Exchange

Dear Kindergarten ESCHEL Parents,

The K4-K5 class will be having a Valentines exchange coming up on February 10th.  The exchange will happen during the kindergarten class time. To participate all you need to bring is 20 cards for every child in the class and one for your tutor Mrs. Johnson.

Some things to remember:

•Only sign YOUR name on each card.  The TO: spot will be left blank as it is too confusing finding the right name for the right bag.

•No need to make a box/bag beforehand as this will all be done in class.

•Candies or treats are fine to add to the bags just remember nothing with peanuts

•Some other good options instead of treats are pencils, erasers, stickers etc…

If you have any questions please feel free to call, email or text me.

Mrs. Johnson is planning to be back at ESCHEL on Feb 2nd.

Nikki Johnson

Elementary Director


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