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Good evening!

I pray you all had an enjoyable, quiet Easter.  These are interesting times.  The snow made for an especially quiet day to celebrate our Risen Savior.

I want to provide a few updates regarding ESCHEL and the end of this school year.  Barring some drastic change in policy, it is not feasible to return to physical classes at Hope Church this school year.  The tutors will plan to continue with Zoom classes or their methods of communication with students until May 11th.  If your family needs some extra communication or assistance from tutors, please reach out to them.  More communication is best to help clarify both sides of expectations.   The tutors will notify families about options for Author Day and Speech Night.

Regarding a substitute for Commencement, the Board is considering possible options.  Certificates can still be made and placed in family folders.  We hope to coordinate a Drive Through Pick Up time for families to return any Activities Folders and pick up all contents in family folders.  This may be in May or not until June 15th, when first tuition payments are due.

If you are still planning to register for next year, please complete and pay registration fee before Wednesday, April 15th.  Any open spots will be offered to those on the Waiting List starting April 15th.

Grace and Peace,

Monica Schlemmer, President

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