June 15th Gathering

ESCHEL Members,
Next Monday, June 15th from 10:30am-12noon, the Board will be hosting an open house gathering at Richard Walton Park (1584 Hadley Ave N, Oakdale) for members to accomplish a few things.
First, to see all your beautiful faces and let our children know their friends are well.
Second, for tutors and the board to put report cards, certificates and any assignments in folders and for families to come collect any items in their folders.   Graduating students should come to collect their treasured reward (candy).
Third, for families to return any activity folders.
Fourth, for families to bless the tutors with simply in-person thank you’s.
Lastly, for families to pay first installment tuition payments to the Treasurer.  We have a slight glitch in our auto-generate system, please just know your invoices will be arriving before Monday.
Bring your own hand sanitizer and lunch if you plan to stay and eat while kids play on the playground or in the open field.  Lots of space to spread out.
Tutors, if you have papers to add to folders, please arrive by 10:30am to include in all folders.   Families, if you want to give something to tutors, please try to arrive closer to the beginning.
I would like to organize some sort of prayer time, though I’m not sure how/when best to do that.  I will have a prayer box out.  If your family has a specific request that you would like all members to be aware of, please know we would be honored to pray for each other.  You may also drop in written prayers you have for ESCHEL.  I would like to compile these and share with all members through email after next Monday.
Looking forward to seeing all who are able to stop by next Monday.

Grace and Peace,
Monica Schlemmer

ESCHEL President
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