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Conference Schedule

Dear ESCHEL Families, Please click on the following link to get the 2020 Conference Schedule.  Then please note the important information below the link. Conference Schedule Bring a copy of the schedule with you. It will help you to highlight

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Volunteer Duties

Dear Eschel Parents, Just a friendly reminder for you, when you are serving in your volunteer spot.  Please arrive by 9:45. It is helpful for tutors to have your help before the children arrive. We also need the emergency parent

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Spring Break Change / Board Member

ESCHEL Families, When looking at the calendar, we made a mistake not having the spring break near a secondary only day. The board and tutors have agreed to amend the calendar and move the Spring Break week to March 9th. 

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Prayer Requests

ESCHEL Families, As we have joined together for the educational benefits of our children, I hope we can also encourage each other in our spiritual lives.  We are living in some very tenuous times and it would do well for

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Cleaning reminders

Hi, ESCHEL families. Just a few quick reminders/clarifications about cleaning duties at ESCHEL. Please sign in on the volunteer sign-in clipboard at the emergency parent table.  You don’t need to sign in first thing in the morning (as when helping

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Study Hall – Secondary Students

Families of secondary students, If your child has a study hall for any hour, please go into your registration and verify that they are registered for that study hall hour.  This is only a technicality to verify students are where

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Conferences 11/3

Dear Eschel Families, The deadline for responding for conferences is tomorrow.  This is a great chance to talk with your tutor to see how your child is doing.  For those of you who have not responded  please reply to:

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Secondary Only Tomorrow

ESCHEL families, Please remember it is a secondary only day tomorrow (Oct 6th) at ESCHEL.  Only 7th graders + should go to classes.  In the afternoon, for CMA class, elementary students may attend if they want. Elementary students, enjoy the

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