Cleaning reminders

Hi, ESCHEL families. Just a few quick reminders/clarifications about cleaning duties at ESCHEL.

Please sign in on the volunteer sign-in clipboard at the emergency parent table.  You don’t need to sign in first thing in the morning (as when helping in the classrooms) but can sign in when you arrive in the afternoon to clean.  If for some reason the volunteer sign-up sheet has already been put away for the day, feel free to text me to let me know you’ve shown up.  My cell phone number is located at the bottom of the cleaning instruction sheets.

When you as a parent or your secondary student is assigned to clean on an ESCHEL Tuesday, I will put the cleaning sheets for the rooms you’ve been assigned to clean in your family’s file folder.  Please make sure to return these my folder or place in the cleaning supplies bin.  We re-use them.

So far this year, we do not need to re-arrange the furniture in the classrooms at the end of the day, so this saves the cleaners time.  Your main duties at this time are to wipe down tables, empty trash and vacuum–and make sure the room in general/furniture looks orderly.  Some rooms have a few other specific instructions for cleaning.

The cleaning supplies bin and 2 vacuums are left out near the emergency parent table.  There is also a broom for use in the art room as needed in the janitor’s closet.

New for secondary student cleaners this year:  When a secondary student who is in the afternoon CMA class is assigned to clean, he or she should at least start and do their best to finish cleaning during the lunch break from 1-1:30 pm before CMA class.  He or she is welcome to ask a fellow student or two to help in order to get the job done more quickly.  This helps the families that close the building each week to get their job done in a more timely manner, especially with the CMA class going until 3 pm this year.  Also, Sifu Jeff Goodwin is okay with a student coming into CMA class a few minutes late as long as they let him know ahead of time.

Thank you all for your service to ESCHEL this year.  Please feel free to contact me if you have other questions.

Laura Petry ( BIGL7@JUNO.COM )

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