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Member News

ESCHEL Members, All classes at ESCHEL will continue to meet at this time.  Thank you for being diligent in self-checking for any illness and remaining home when your family may experience any symptoms of sickness.   If your family chooses to

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Backpacks during gym time

Hi, families of elementary students. The church is requesting that ESCHEL elementary students change where they put their backpacks during gym class.  They have been being dropped off in front of the church’s nursery/preschool room across from the gym, which

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Prayer and Praise

ESCHEL Families, Prayer: The Argetsinger family would appreciate our prayers.  Their daughter Cora will be having a spinal fusion surgery tomorrow (Nov 11th).  They expect 3-8 days of hospital stay. Please continue to pray for health of all students, families,

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Prayer and Care

ESCHEL Families, In order to pray and care for each other, please consider sharing your needs so others can help carry your burden.  The board would love to know how we can be of physical and spiritual assistance to our

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1st and 2nd Writing – music selections needed

Hello 1st and 2nd Families! Just a quick reminder to send to me your non-lyrical music selections for Tuesday’s assignment. I am making a Spotify playlist to use in class. You can simply email me the name and artist of

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Conferences Tomorrow!!

Dear Tutors, Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow:) Please double check the schedule as I did add in two families about a week ago. Those of you it affected should have received an email from me. There will be a

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