Annual Standardized Testing Info.

Dear ESCHEL families,

This year we will not be offering a group order for annual standardized testing.  The benefit of this decision is that you have the flexibility to schedule testing for your student(s) when it is most convenient for your family.

As a reminder, students between the ages of 7-16 that are not enrolled in public school are required to complete a nationally norm-referenced standardized achievement test each year.  This requirement has not been waived because of COVID.

The Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE) has information on the various testing options, including information on the different tests and how to order/schedule tests at:

Written testing options include:  California Achievement Test (CAT), Iowa Test, PASS, Stanford Achievement Test.

Oral testing options include:  Peabody and Woodcock Johnson.

In addition to the information about testing options on the MACHE website, two Peabody test administrators that ESCHEL families have used include Jenny Samec:  651-703-0682 (not listed on MACHE) and Ann Mathews-Lingen: (listed on MACHE).

Also, in a quick search I found that the following companies offer online CAT options, one of which is even untimed:–untimed online CAT $25 plus $3 scoring

I’m more than happy to share my family’s experiences using both Peabody and CAT testing over the years.  Feel free to e-mail or call me, or track me down at ESCHEL.

Laura Petry, for the ESCHEL Board

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