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5/6 Writing Update from Mrs. Fryc

Hi Everyone, Today we spent class time discussing tools we will need for research papers like using primary and secondary sources, citing sources and formatting. I spent time familiarizing them with some of the resources available at local libraries that

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1st & 2nd Grade Spanish: TOMORROW

Hola!  Rapido…tomorrow is our Christmas/Fiesta!!! Super excited.  We will be having a pinata, games and a little bit of food: uvas, manzanas, naranjas, y…???? Also maybe some chips.  (grapes, apples, oranges, and…???). I will try to remember to have them

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Art Update: What’s happening 12/2/18

Greetings Parents, This update is actually coming to you BEFORE class tomorrow to let you know what you can be expecting.  I regret not getting to meet with those of you scheduled for conferences.  Also, please forgive me not giving

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Pinata Help: 1st & 2nd grade Spanish Class

Any experienced/brave Pinata-ers (just made up a word), out there, that would like to try their hand at helping me do a pinata for the 1st & 2nd grade Spanish class this Monday: 1:30-2:30? The pinata is ready and filled

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Art Update 11/12/18

Greetings.  You may have seen quite a bit of art work coming home today. 🙂 Today, in all classes we worked on “Scratch Art”.  The focus being slightly different for the 1st – 2nd graders vs. the 3rd-6th graders. 1st-2nd

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Art Update: 11/5/18 (and 10/22 as well)

Greetings!  A short and sweet update for you.  If you were wondering…we are WAY off of our lesson plan schedule, but having a great time. 😉  I’ll try to keep you up to date on where things are at.  Next

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Martial Arts Class

Please disregard if your child is NOT in Martial Arts with Sifu Jeff Goodwin.   Parents and students, Sifu Jeff is willing to conduct martial arts class for students who wish to attend on the last Mondays of the month

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Why do I get emails….

A recent question from a parent and one many of you might have: I keep getting emails from you with updates about the Spanish class but ____ is not in the Spanish… class. I’m wondering why I would be on

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ESCHEL 1st/2nd Gr Spanish Update October

¡Buena noches! We are continuing to have fun with basic spanish vocabulary and word recognition using active games, songs and lots and lots of movement!  Welcome to “Spanglish Phy-Ed everyone!” LOL. This month we continued to review: Colors, numbers 1-10,

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ESCHEL Art Update: 10/1, 10/8, 10/15

Hope you all got out to enjoy the fabulous fall colors.  I am especially loving and noticing the form of the various trees and the way their trunks and branches grow, in addition to all the gorgeous fall colors.  So

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