Elementary (Grades 1-6)

ESCHEL’s program for elementary students is not a cafeteria-style program. Our younger students benefit from participating in all offered courses for their grade level, allowing for a consistent student population in a classroom atmosphere. Students in grades 1-6 participate in all of the classes listed below. See the Class Schedules page for more information on class times.

Elementary WritingElementary Writing

1st-4th grade tutor: Mrs. Nancy Harris

1-2 Beginning Creative Writing:

Beginning Creative Writing strives to help students learn to express themselves. Younger students work on writing strong sentences, using descriptive words, exploring creativity and having fun with writing. During these pre- and early writing stages, the assignments are intended to encourage and help develop confidence and enjoyment in the students. Through reading poetry and excellent children’s literature in class, they will be inspired in their own writing. I know not every student is a natural writer, but I believe communication through writing is powerful and worth developing.

Refund Policy: No refunds given.

3-4 Growing with Creative Writing:

Growing with Creative Writing strives to increase confidence and skill in writing. We will use some elements of IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) with a variety of creative assignments. Reading short portions of exemplary writing together will develop a taste for excellent literature. Additionally, we will write a research paper and will have a short story project in the spring. Throughout these assignments, the students will be encouraged, challenged and encouraged some more! Each child has something valuable to write and in this class and I endeavor to draw that out.

Refund policy:  No refunds given.

5-6 grade tutor: Mrs. Beth Salmon

5-6 Intermediate Writing

The 5/6 Writing Course is an opportunity to practice writing across several domains:

  • storytelling
  • summarization
  • research projects
  • persuasion
  • poetry
In this course, emphasis is placed on word choice, fluency of writing, and sentence structure throughout the year. The class involves less direct assistance from parents than in the earlier grades. Weekly homework should be expected. Short term and long term projects will be included throughout the year. This will be an introduction to middle school / junior high writing. Some computer use will be needed at home.
Refund Policy:  No refunds given.

Elementary ArtExploring Art

Tutor:  Jen Logan

“Why do we do art?” The answer that we hope to etch on the hearts and minds of young people is “because we serve a creative God and we’re made in His image.” It is important that our children know that God is our foundation for everything we do.

This art class is designed to give kids a taste of the many different art forms/mediums available (and of course, to keep the mess out of your kitchen). We do a variety of assignments, focusing on techniques and the vocabulary that goes with them. As the students get older, there is more freedom of choice and more focused time spent on various techniques as they become more comfortable with them.

We will also be reviewing regularly and focusing on the 7 elements of art (line, shape, texture, color, space/form, value) in our projects so that students will be comfortable with the concepts and will be able to discuss them intelligently as a way of evaluating works of art.https://www.thoughtco.com/what-are-the-elements-of-art-182704

Refund Policy:  No refunds issued except in a situation of unforeseen job relocation or emergency medical situation.

Elementary Phy EdPhysical Education

Tutor: Mrs. Linda Kauss

Athletics and competition can be one of the toughest arenas to exhibit Godly character. At the same time it is a stage in which others do notice character that is outstanding.  Physical Education classes at ESCHEL are designed for activity, competition, teamwork, cooperation, personal achievement and encouragement. Each class will focus on warm-up, stretching and strength activities, a sport or game and the skills required to perform, as well as character lessons to help live out Godly character.

Refund Policy: Refund to be given only in circumstances that are unpredictable or deemed by this tutor.