Preschool & Kindergarten

DSC_1065_2Preschool (3 yr olds)

Tutor: Mrs. Cherie Vircks

The preschool classroom is a play-based learning environment. A place where children learn language skills, number recognition, letter recognition, shapes, fine and gross motor skills all while playing. Our day is divided into free choice, circle time, centers, music and movement, gross motor game time, Bible time, and lunch (kids bring their own lunch to class).

We will have monthly themes to explore and investigate the world around us. The centers will coordinate with our monthly theme including: Art, Dramatic Play, Sensory Bin, Books, Music, Letter & Number Activities. Circle time is a time that we get to know each other, listen to stories, sing songs, learn about God’s Word and how much He loves us. During our gross motor game time we will play games to increase coordination, work on taking turns, and get our energy out. Bible time will include stories from the Bible, songs, and memorizing scripture. Music and movement will consist of listening to music, singing, dancing, and making music.

Refund Policy: Refund given only in the case of a major family illness or family move out of the area.

KindergartenKindergarten (K4 / K5)

Tutor:  Mrs. Kris Johnson, KMJ Tutoring LLC

Our kindergarten class includes four- and five-year old children in a self-contained classroom. We desire to help children grow not only in their beginning academic skills but also in the area of character and loving Christ more and more. Our Kindergarten class currently has a two-year syllabus rotation; one year of studying God’s Creation followed by a year on the Continents of the World. We learn through singing, science experiments, literature, craft projects, and other activities. Each class period includes Show and Tell, time in the gym for active play, and lunch (provided by parents). It is our hope that the ESCHEL kindergarten experience will be a wonderful addition to your home school schedule.

The K4/K5 curriculum for 2020-21 will focus on a study of the continents.  The children will be immersed in activities that will help them to learn about countries from each area of the world.  We will be singing songs, playing games, reading books and creating projects to introduce a wide variety of cultures.  Our spiritual emphasis will encompass praying for unreached people groups and hearing stories of current and past missionaries.

Daily Schedule:

10:00 – 10:20   Free Play

10:20 – 10:40   Calendar

10:40 – 11:00    Intro to Continent Study

11:00 – 11:20     Gym

11:20 – 11:50     Lunch

11:50 – 12:10     Show and Tell

12:10 – 12:45     Continent Lesson and Project

12{45 – 1:00       Read a loud

Refund Policy: Refund given only in the case of a major family illness or family move out of the area