Junior High (Grades 7-8)

ESCHEL’s program for junior high students is a la carte, meaning families can choose which classes their students take. However, we strongly encourage families to take advantage of each of the courses offered for their student’s grade level.  Doing so will foster a sense of community and provides academic challenge, giving students a solid foundation for future high school courseworkSee the Class Schedules page for more information on class times.

Note:  Individual courses are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met.

Please note: Students are welcome to eat lunch from 1:00-1:30 pm either outdoors or in the Science Room. Students eating lunch at ESCHEL are expected to clean up after themselves.  Siblings are welcome to study or do a quiet, seated activity in the Multipurpose Room during the 1:30-2:30pm time slot.  All children 6th grade and younger must be supervised by a parent or other adult arranged by the parent if not registered for a class.

If you have a student that will be new to the secondary program at ESCHEL this school year, please click on the link below to access our welcome letter on how to prepare and help your student with this transition as well as a list of resources and skills that will be needed.

ESCHEL new to secondary parent letter April 2019

7th/8th Grade Writing: Following Narnia Vol 1 – The Lion’s Song

Tutor:  Mrs. Michelle Fryc

Using the Structure and Style writing method, students will improve their compositional skills.  Students will need to read The Magician’s Nephew, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Horse and His Boy for this class.  This is always a favorite theme to write on!  The course covers all 9 units of IEW.

Required textbookFollowing Narnia Volume 1: The Lion’s Song [Student Book] by Laura Bettis

To access additional information about course content, including scope and sequence, access the following link, keeping in mind that the tutor will adapt her course schedule/syllabus to meet the needs of ESCHEL students: https://iew.com/shop/products/following-narnia-volume-1-lions-song-student-book-only

Refund policy:  No refunds.

Introduction to Speech and Communications

Tutor: Mrs. Ann Soderberg

Students will work to become effective communicators in conversational and formal speech settings.  Development of practical techniques in the areas of listening, speech organization and creation, verbal and nonverbal skills, as well as delivery techniques will help to build confidence and the ability to express themselves in various speaking situations.  Original speeches to entertain, persuade, and inform will be written and delivered from an outline format.  The fear of public speaking can be overcome as students practice and grow in a safe and respectful environment.  We will work hard, but will definitely have fun together as we uncover your God-given talents!

Handouts needed for the course are provided by the tutor and are included in the supply fee.

Required Textbook: TBD

Students to provide consumables such as two three-ring binders, folder tab dividers,                               paper, pencils, etc.

Refund policy:  No refunds.

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science Lab Class

Tutor: Mrs. Rhonda Reiter

This course is designed to be a student’s first systematic introduction to the sciences. The course covers such topics as the scientific method, designing experiments, simple machines, archaeology, geology, paleontology, biology, and human anatomy and physiology.

Required textbooks:
Text: Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd Edition, published by Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.
Supplement: Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd Edition, published by Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.

Refund policy:  No refunds.

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physical Science Lab Class

Tutor: Mr. Bill Cournoyer

This course is designed to be the last science course the student takes before high school biology. The text discusses such topics as the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, weather, the structure of the earth, environmentalism, the physics of motion, Newton’s Laws, gravity, and astrophysics. The author especially concentrates on the myths generated by the environmentalist movement.

Required textbooks:
Text: Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nd Edition, published by Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.
Supplement: Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nd Edition, published by Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.

Refund policy:  No refunds.

Apologetics (31 class days)

Tutor: Mr. Dan Schneider

I Peter 3:15 “But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.”  Apologetics is the study of the truth of Christianity in order to understand it better and be able to explain it to non-believers.  In the first semester we will be using Understanding the Faith as our main text to study the fundamental truth claims of Christianity and how to present this truth to unbelievers.  We will use Understanding the Times in the second semester to study and compare non-Christian worldviews in order to understand them better and be able to present the Christian worldview as the best option.  Besides the two main textbooks, we will read articles from sources of Christian apologetics like Answers in Genesis and discuss them in class.  There will be weekly reading assignments with study questions and a few written essay assignments.

Required TextbooksUnderstanding the Faith by Jeff Meyers (copyright 2016) AND

Understanding the Times by Jeff Meyers and David A. Noebel (copyright 2016).

Note: you need the latest edition of this book.  Available at http://www.summit.org/

Refund policy: No refunds

Spanish I – morning option (31 class days) or afternoon option (25 class days)

Tutor:  Senora (Deanne) Willman

Grades 3-12

Come join us to learn the second most spoken language in the world! (Even more than English).  ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!  I’m very excited to work with your students to speak and understand Spanish this year!  I believe language is to communicate, not just another subject to learn and check off in school.  That is why your student(s) will be listening to Spanish at home and then come each week to practice speaking and understanding what they’ve learned at home.   In Spanish 1, you will use the Spanish in class that you have listened to at home all week to act out dramas, prepare dialogues and learn to converse with others, using costumes and props to practice.  The first semester you will just listen and look at the drawings at home to understand, but the second semester you will be reading and writing Spanish!  You will listen at home four days a week and come to class one day a week to practice what you’ve listened to.  We will also learn to pronounce Bible verses well in Spanish in addition to learning useful Spanish conversation phrases. Spanish 1 classes are offered for younger students & those wanting Spanish credits without a lot of time involved.  All classes are equivalent to high school credit.  Spanish 1 also works for those who are not bothered by having to see & understand the whole process of how the language works, but are comfortable jumping in and speaking right away. Spanish 1 is a pretty light class (work-wise outside of class).  Some high schoolers might want something meatier and try level 2.

The curriculum we use is The Learnables and Basic Structures from International Linguistics Corp., www.learnables.com, 1-800-237-1830,   Spanish 1 uses The Learnables 1 and Basic Structures 1.  You may notice that it comes in two formats:  for the computer or with CD’s and a book.  Either format is fine as it is the same curriculum, but you need to make sure you have some form of the audio in addition to the book.

Some parents have found used curriculum online; be sure that it includes the audio component when you order. You may also find it used at homeschool curriculum fairs and some former students may have some available also. One set per family is enough as it does not need to be consumable. I can let former students know of your interest in used material also.

Refund Policy:  No refund.


Christian Martial Arts – optional afternoon class (31 weeks)

Tutor: Sifu Jeff Goodwin

Grades 3-12

Welcome to our Christ-Centered Martial Art! Christ-centered Martial Artists (CMA) is a
compassionate ministry that fervently strives to promote the strongest daily relationship
between Jesus Christ and His creation through its comprehensive Christ-centered martial
arts process.
CMA classes are fun and exciting! As Junior Becomers-in-Christ, your precious child
will deepen their faith as they gain confidence, self-worth, focus, fitness, courtesy,
respect, self-defense, and much more! They will learn the Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy,
peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control). Junior
Becomers-in-Christ will develop additional character traits found throughout the Holy
Classes will be an hour in duration. Uniforms cost $40.00. Until they receive their
uniform, students should wear loose fitting clothes. You can order a CMA uniform
(includes Patch), protective padding, or other CMA equipment anytime.
At the beginning of each class, a devotional is provided; then, students will practice
stretching, basic movements, and other fun activities! A brief cool down and devotional
review will conclude their class. Handouts are provided for you and your child to
enhance lessons and inform you of their progress.
CMA training is a mind, body and spirit activity. To maximize their benefit, please ensure
that ESCHEL and I are aware of any medical issues or other potential concerns
regarding your child.

Students may have the opportunity to Test for a rank in CMA during each semester. The cost per Belt Test is $50.00. Also, students greatly enjoy sparring, however protective gear is required. Students under the rank of 8th Gup – Orange Belt are not required to spar. The average cost of this protective gear is $125.00, however, because CMA is a ministry we may donate the equipment to the student while supplies last. These donations are for students that can not afford the equipment.

Refund policy: No refunds